Katie Brown.

Dr. Katie Brown is Senior Lecture in Latin American Studies at the University of Exeter, specialising in contemporary Latin American literature and visual culture. The major focus of her research is cultural production by Venezuelans, in the context of the Bolivarian Revolution. Her monograph Writing and the Revolution: Venezuelan Metafiction 2004-2012 (Liverpool University Press, 2019) explored writers’ reactions to the restrictive cultural policy and official uses of writing under the Bolivarian Revolution. Her recent research focuses on questions of identity, belonging and migration. She is also a translator, and co-edited the anthology of contemporary Venezuelan writing Crude Words (Ragpicker Press, 2016). She is Co-Director of the Exeter Centre of Latin American Studies, the Exeter Humanities and Social Sciences Global Challenges Collaboratory and also the Principal Investigator on the Phase 2 Venezuela project ‘Thought and Freedom.’